Thus, why don’t we begin our very own better check out Margaret, a great
Thus, why don't we begin our very own better check out Margaret, a great

Very right away, we become the concept one to she's lived in Dual Highs for all regarding their particular lifetime, at the least as she is actually a little girl. Through their detailed expertise in it, she formed a sort of intimacy to your woods, and you can discovered a few of their gifts. Although not, she and states that there exists many things she “cannot state,” following delivers the viewers' awareness of the reality that their fire-place is boarded right up, so there won't be a fire in there. Definitely, flame, for the Twin Highs, is practically synonymous with BOB. So just what did she study from the brand new trees? Maybe she is privy to this new comings and you may goings out of Dugpas? Did she perhaps satisfy BOB? We're not considering any genuine evidence you to definitely she did, but their unique husband probably provides.

She claims that “flame 's the demon, covering up such as for example an effective coward about smoking

The fresh new Record Woman shows you, when you look at the equipment, how their own husband, a logger, try murdered when you look at the a flames throughout the woods your day immediately following its relationships. It was “not a friendly fire.” Because of this, she has an intense fear of flame. ” One night, ahead of his dying, her spouse produced a jar out of scorched engine oil, and you will informed her it actually was “a gap in order to a portal.” He might has actually acquired that it from the woods, otherwise he may was basically bringing it to your trees, as an alternative. In either case, any kind of he had been starting towards the oil have to have already been what caused their ending up in “this new devil.” Probably, he had been trying to discover the fresh gateway to your Black colored Lodge, for whatever reason, and you can seemingly have succeeded. From the Resorts arrived BOB, which killed brand new logger which have flames.

It may be that whenever their passing, the fresh new Log Lady's spouse turned involved on Black colored Hotel, or otherwise inserted this world in the soul form. A well-known principle states that he is among lumberjacks viewed over the store during the Fire Go With me.

The fresh new lumberjack (played of the Jurgen Prochnow) viewed above the convenience store that have BOB, Mrs. Chalfont, in addition to People out-of Several other Put. Is it the new Log Lady's spouse?

Simply, maybe he was not thinking of rendering it treaty for evil, because the Earle is considering undertaking

If this sounds like the new Log Lady's partner, it implies some fascinating anything: To begin with, it means that he performs a more impressive part than just we could possibly believe. In place of being a beneficial hapless logger who had been on completely wrong put in the wrong time, he is a wise guy or even a keen occultist that have great experience with the fresh woods while the goings-on therein. Most likely, his ending up in BOB is intentional. You will definitely the guy was trying to make a pact into the Resort beings, just like exactly what Windom Earle was undertaking? Perhaps the guy wished to handle new Resorts beings manageable more resources for them, and make use of that suggestions positively.

Another preferred theory is that the Journal Lady's spouse was inside the latest diary you to definitely she carries. If you think about the fresh destiny Josie came across at the hands of BOB, this will make a number of feel. Apparently into the Twin Highs, timber can be utilized just like the a receptacle having morale. See the name from an essential spot out of trees in the city: Ghostwood. You to on the amounts it, does it not? Whenever we remember that Josie was trapped on timber out-of the favorable North Resorts immediately after getting murdered because of the BOB, it just looks practical to summarize that the Diary Lady's partner might have end up being caught up on the timber away from the local tree. More than likely, BOB came upon him regarding forest, as he is actually cutting timber, killed your, and perhaps caught up his spirit in one of the logs one are discontinued. The Record Lady, with an intense link with new trees, were able to sense which, and you will got new log with her. By way of it, they can psychically talk to their particular, taking their particular which have crucial suggestions, hence she passes on to the suitable source.

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