Latin Americans’ attitudes for the same-sex relationship and abortion seem to be shaped in part of the ethical judgments
Latin Americans' attitudes for the same-sex relationship and abortion seem to be shaped in part of the ethical judgments

Protestants slim so much more strongly than Catholics on the positioning one abortion might be illegal in every or most cases. Inside the Chile, eg, regarding the several-thirds of Protestants say abortion are illegal, while you are half of Catholics just take that condition. For the Argentina, 59% out of Catholics say abortion might be illegal, weighed against about three-house out of Protestants (76%).

In most nations, majorities away from adults who possess no religious affiliation say abortion would be to feel unlawful throughout or most cases, also around eight-in-ten or higher unaffiliated members of Honduras (85%), new Dominican Republic (82%) and you can Este Salvador (81%). Opposition to courtroom abortion is gloomier one of the religiously unaffiliated from inside the Chile (28%), Uruguay (31%) and you can Argentina (40%).

The fresh questionnaire discovers one to round the Latin The united states, individuals are regarding the just as gonna oppose judge abortion, just like the try more mature and younger adults.

Homosexuality and Abortion given that Ethical Items

In 15 regions and additionally Puerto Rico, majorities state homosexuality are immoral, ranging escort in Henderson from 57% in the Mexico to 91% during the Guatemala. Only during the Argentina, Chile and you may Uruguay would fewer than half away from adults consider homosexual decisions ethically completely wrong.

In the most common places interviewed, majorities off one another Protestants and you may Catholics agree totally that homosexuality is depraved. Although not, Protestants are very more inclined to the so it examine. In reality, in a lot of places, brand new percentages of Protestants who state gay behavior was fairly completely wrong meet or exceed the brand new comparable percentages of Catholics by the at the least 20 points.

More or less 1 / 2 of younger Puerto Ricans say that gay choices is actually morally objectionable (52%), in contrast to in the several-thirds out of more mature Puerto Ricans (66%)

Total, brand new religiously unaffiliated is not likely than simply both Protestants otherwise Catholics to declare that homosexuality was fairly wrong. Also among the unaffiliated, not, majorities within the a small number of regions select gay choices as the morally objectionable. These regions become Honduras (80%), the brand new Dominican Republic (80%), Nicaragua (74%), El Salvador and you will Venezuela (71% each).

Across Latin America, someone between your age of 18 and you may 34 is actually not likely than just their parents to track down homosexual decisions ethically objectionable. Into the Argentina, such as for instance, 37% of people young than simply 35 say that gay behavior is actually ethically wrong, compared to fully half of those 35 and you will earlier (51%).

For the majority places, people display similar feedback into the ethical acceptability away from homosexuality. But in a handful of places, significantly more people than simply ladies say that homosexuality is actually fairly completely wrong.

Clear majorities across the area determine abortion just like the fairly wrong. In reality, Uruguay is the merely country surveyed where less than half out of the public (46%) claims abortion was depraved. Somewhere else, very participants thought abortion morally completely wrong, a posture verging to your unanimity for the Paraguay (96%), Guatemala (96%) and you can Honduras (95%).

Protestants be much more more than likely than just Catholics to describe abortion because morally unacceptable. For the Uruguay, such as for instance, throughout the a couple-thirds regarding Protestants declare that abortion was morally completely wrong (68%), compared to approximately 50 % of (49%) off Catholics.

In the most common countries, a lot of people that do maybe not pick with any religion together with sign up for the have a look at one abortion was depraved. Merely inside the Argentina, Chile, Mexico and you can Uruguay create fewer than half off consistently unaffiliated someone say abortion was morally incorrect.

Along side region, ladies are on as more than likely given that guys to state that abortion is actually ethically unacceptable. And you can younger Latin People in america are about given that more than likely since the more mature Latin Americans to state that abortion is actually fairly wrong. Where differences carry out occur, a lot more lady than just men basically point out that abortion is fairly incorrect. Along with some regions, those individuals over the age of 34 be much more probably compared to those between your chronilogical age of 18 and you may 34 to say that abortion is actually fairly inappropriate.

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